We Define Success!

     We Define Success!

GREAT LIFE 4 YOU Holdings Corporation defines success and happiness through niche service and product opportunities for you to have a GREAT LIFE!

The mission of GREAT LIFE 4 YOU Holdings Corporation is to exceed client expectations focusing consistently on making goals, forming plans, and realizing effective outcomes.

  • AskDrCarr® is an educational service that researches and explains current medical, psychological, and success topics with a focus on health and mental fitness for FMP U.S. Veterans.

The research mission of AskDrCarr® is to help guide the Veteran to know success and joy through Health, Mind, and Spirit.  

IvyLeagueWorks™ gives targeted clients the highest doctorate-level standard by delivering niche-focused consulting and translating services.

Focused markets enjoy the highest level resources and include the educational qualities from Hopkins, Harvard, an MBA, a Master of Public Health and also a medical doctorate!

  • Ivy League Consulting™ seeks to support our FMP U.S. veterans with the most important need beyond saying, “thank you for your service.”


Ivy League-educated, veteran consultants actively seek what has made the best of each veteran and identify goals that will shape a successful plan for new and positive outcomes. 

Most veterans’ plans include an upgrade in VA benefits, which requires an independently-processed claim or appeals with the VA. 

Ivy League Consulting™offers detailed, focused medical literature reviews of medical standards literature that support the veteran’s independent positions as they process their claims or appeals with the VA.

  • Ivy League Writing™ delivers a background in medicine, mental health, and public health for those who need medical and academic writing. 

Much of the work of Ivy League Writing™ supports the intensive documentation required for Ivy League Consulting™ clients.

  • Ivy League Translators™ meets a growing demand for certified translator (CT) services by focusing on the niche group that needs it most: professional organizations.

Professional organizations in the Spanish-speaking community have discovered they need rapid, certified Spanish-English translator (CT) services before their English-speaking businesses and governments will transact reimbursement of invoices. 

Invoices received in Spanish are shipped out immediately to third-party agents for translation, which takes 90+ days before reimbursement processing begins.

Time is money.

Contact Ivy League Translators™  today to start your certified translator (CT) service at your professional organization.

  • Global Mentoring Team includes FREEhow-to” tools reserved for FMP U.S. veterans as a way to say, “thank you for your service.”  

The mission of Global Mentoring Team is to promote and empower personal independence of internationally-located FMP U.S. veterans, which reinforces the central mission of GREAT LIFE 4 YOU Holdings Corporation, “We Define Success!

  • GMT4Life is a suicide prevention resource reserved for FMP U.S. veterans registered to the Heroes Have Hope – when Empowered Effectively service.

GMT4Life is the premium service of the Global Mentoring Team division and shares its dedication to promote and empower personal independence of internationally-located FMP U.S. veterans.

The mission of GMT4Life is to introduce mitigating services to remotely-located, FMP U.S. veterans, in response to the President’s March 5, 2019, “National Call to Action to Empower Veterans and End the National Tragedy of Veteran Suicide.”

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P.S. GREAT LIFE 4 YOU Holdings Corporation’s desire is to help YOU realize your goals.

Let us help you discover a more successful and enjoyable reality, today!

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