We Define Success!

We Define Success!

GREAT LIFE 4 YOU Holdings Corporation defines success and happiness through niche service and product opportunities for you to have a GREAT LIFE! The mission of GREAT LIFE 4 YOU Holdings Corporation is to exceed client expectations while making goals, forming plans, and realizing effective outcomes.

AskDrCarr® is an educational service that delivers Ivy League quality clarity to cutting edge information on medical and psychological topics for your success and joy in Health, Mind, and Spirit! AskDrCarr® offers membership level participants self-improvement products and services to empower individuals to better understand how to claim success and joy in Health, Mind, and Spirit.  

The IvyLeagueWorks™ division is our premier niche service operation. IvyLeagueWorks™ gives targeted clients the highest doctorate-level standard by delivering niche products and services.  Finely-defined markets enjoy the highest level resources and include the educational qualities from Hopkins, Harvard, an MBA, a Master of Public Health and also a medical doctorate!

  • Ivy League Consulting™ brings out the best in those seeking to improve their personal value.  A team of Ivy League educated consultants stands ready to streamline the process for individuals looking for a positive outcome to a goal has become challenging and often overwhelming.  A primary service of Ivy League Consulting™ is providing much of the knowledgeable legwork alongside our U.S. veterans as they process their own initial claims or later complete their appeals with the VA.
  • Ivy League Translators™ meets a growing demand for boutique translator services for professionals, only. In-person interpretation is offered in some countries, so be sure to ask!  Spanish-English and English-Spanish interpreter and translator services are currently offered.  English as a second language is a new teaching service available for children and youth.  There is a waiting list, so be sure to use the contact us page to learn more!
  • Ivy League Marketing™ offers easy business plans, branding identity and simple market analysis for those needing a new leash on life to redeploy their talents learned over life to an exciting new mission and environment.

Global Mentoring Team is a FREE marketing tool that underwrites global mentoring of today’s leaders for tomorrow.

Take advantage of one of these services from GREAT LIFE 4 YOU Holdings Corporation by using the contact us page.  New opportunities are posted on Facebook, and Twitter!

P.S. GREAT LIFE 4 YOU Holdings Corporation’s desire is to help you realize your goals. Let us help you discover a more successful and enjoyable reality, today! We SEE YOUR SUCCESSclick here to see why!